Best Home Remedies To Try When Living with Lupus

Lupus flare-ups can happen any time. If you want to lead a healthier life even if you have lupus, it is important to have early diagnosis and proper treatment right away.

While there are medications that can help with better lupus management, there are several home remedies you can try. see more here


Ginger is a great home remedy for different health conditions, including lupus. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can help reduce swelling and pain in joints.

There are different ways to add ginger to your diet. You can add ginger juice to your favorite fresh veggies and fruits or drink ginger tea. To know the amount of ginger you can use, you can ask your doctor. 


Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin that was proven to be effective in treating autoimmune diseases such as lupus. This makes it great to add to your daily diet.

Turmeric diet is among the best home remedies you can try. Just add a teaspoon of turmeric to one cup of milk then heat it. Honey can also be added to improve the taste.

But, remember that this is not recommended for people who have gallbladder issues. Again, ask your doctor before you use turmeric as a home remedy for lupus. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

According to health practitioners, patients with lupus suffer from hydrochloric acid deficiency and one way to add this to your body is to use apple cider vinegar.

This can increase the body’s production of hydrochloric acid. This helps in detoxification and improves nutrient absorption. Just add one teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar to glass of warm water. Add the juice from one half lemon then drink this thrice a day, 20 minutes prior to your meals. 

Epsom Salt

The most common sign of lupus is fatigue. To eliminate this, indulging in an Epsom salt bath is recommended. Sat can improve the absorption of magnesium in the body and helps in toxin removal.

This can also help reduce joint pain and inflammation. You just need to prepare one cup of Epsom salt, add this to your bath water then mix well. Soak in the water for 10-20 minutes to experience relief. However, this is not recommended for kidney patients and diabetics.

Coconut Oil

Among the healthiest oil varieties is none other than coconut oil. This can help you balance negative responses of your body’s immune system.

In addition, this also has other exciting health benefits such as improving digestion, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. You can add some virgin coconut oil to your cooking or your favorite beverages.  Just be mindful of portions you use. 

Holy Basil or Tulsi

Lupus flare-ups are often due to stress. To modulate the response of your body to stress, Holy basil or Tulsi can be used. The herb is rich with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This can promote a sense of wellbeing, improve organ function, and relieve fatigue. You might want to chew some basil leaves daily. You can also prepare herbal tea with this herb then drink this two or three times a day. 

Top 5: The Best Foods for Great Hair, Skin, and Teeth

You are what you eat, so they say. We’ve all heard the saying before, but not many realize just how accurate it is for all of us in today’s world. While it’s understood that healthy diets can help keep off certain diseases, and increase our longevity and vitality, many don’t know just how much certain foods can affect how we look. There are certain foods out there that can do more for your hair, skin, and teeth than a whole cabinet full of cosmetics, and these are what we’re going to be looking at.

Let’s get right to it.

5. Sweet Potato

Although it’s not a staple of American diets, sweet potato is a ubiquitous part of people’s menus across the world. The nutrient-dense nature of the tuber makes it perfect for a filling go-to meal even in places where food is scarce. That’s not why we like it here, however. We put sweet potato here because it is packed full of beta-carotene, vitamin A, E, and C, which come together to give us great, glowing skin and luscious, healthy hair.

4. Kale

Kale is one of those superfoods that ca seemingly do it all. There’s probably no list of healthy foods or a diet recipe that doesn’t feature kale somewhere, and its incredible combination vitamins and minerals make it perfect for our purposes. It is the sort of vegetable we compare with products such as Renu 28 . Whether you’re taking it in a smoothie or incorporated in a recipe of some kind, it can promote exciting hair development and strengthen bones – aside from all the other health benefits it comes with.

3. Chocolate

This might probably be the last entry you would expect to see on such a list, but chocolate packs a bit of a surprise when you look closely at it. On closer inspection chocolate has been found to contain considerable amounts of anti-oxidant elements, which slow down the visible effects of age. They help mitigate the skin-damaging effects of UV light and minimize the occurrence of wrinkles, skin discolorations, and brow lines. Everything in moderation, though.

2. Greek Yogurt

This type of yogurt has become all the rage with health enthusiasts and dieters because of the incredibly low-fat, sugar-free goodness it provides. For our purposes here, we’re concerned with one of its other superstar qualities – its fantastic calcium and protein content. Calcium is one of the significant requirements for healthy, beautiful teeth, the type that your Cary dentist loves to see, so it deserves a spot on this list.

1. Avocados

Avocados seem to have gained the unofficial title of nature’s grandest superfood if all the buzz about it is any indication. They are an excellent addition to any diet but for those looking to get their hair looking as full and healthy as it can, the monounsaturated fats it’s packed full of are a real godsend. There are few substitutes to a good helping of avocado to put the spring back in a loose head of hair.

In Conclusion

As we said in the beginning, eating right can take you a lot closer to your perfect look than a whole rack of cosmetic products. By trying out some of these incredible foods, you can achieve this entirely naturally – which is always better in the long run.

Should I Buy Renu 28?

Should you buy ASEA for your Skin?

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The science behind redox signaling

Redox signaling molecules are naturally created in every cell of the body. They are essential to your immune system and to the cellular healing mechanisms of your body. An adequate supply of Redox signaling molecules allows cellular healing throughout your body. As you get older, your cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules and your body’s ability to fight everyday diseases and the effects of aging diminish. In order to maintain the cellular mechanisms of your body, it is essential to supplement and replenish the Redox signaling molecules. The only way to do this is to use ASEA and Renu, the only source in the world for Redox and RENU signaling molecules.

10 Tips for Better Skin

10 Tips for Better Skin

Since skin is the most visible part our body, all we want to do is make sure that it looks amazing for it defines our appearance. Below are surefire tips for better skin.
1. Stay Hydrated
This is most certainly the number one rule for better skin. As most skin specialists advise, drinking eight glasses of water moisturizes the skin and helps in pH balance. You can also eat fruits with rich water content like watermelons, etc.

2. Eat Healthy

It is important to watch what you eat if you want flawless skin. For radiant skin, ensure that you consume low sugars, low fats and foods rich in vitamin C. Fresh fruits and vegetables also should be taken frequently to supplement this.
3. Avoid Direct Sun Exposure
Always apply sunscreen when stepping out on a sunny day because sun wrinkles and ages the skin.
4. Avoid Stress 
Stress is one of the unsuspectible culprits that hinder results for better skin so you should learn how to manage and keep it in check.
5. Don’t Touch Your Face
Probably wondering why? Well, your hands contain dirt and a lot of germs that are harmful to your face so keep them away from your face. Simple!
6. Get Enough Sleep
It turns out that sleep is very important for good skin results because without ample sleep your skin ends up sagging.
7. Exercise 
Exercising allows for blood circulation, helps cleanse your body and leaves your skin glowing.
8. Exfoliate
To allow for skin regeneration and to open up pores, remove the dead skin cells by use of a mild scrubber.
9. Skin Cleanse
Avoid dull skin by washing off dirt and/or using a cleanser on a daily basis.
10.. Maintain a Good Skin Care Regime
Frequent visits to the spur pay off a big deal when it comes to flawless skin.
Bottom Line
In order to obtain and maintain better skin, all you need to do is take good care of it. Pamper it as much as possible and use products that work to bring out the best results.